You don’t know judgy until you’re pregnant.

Whether or not you’re currently pregnant, or have already had kids; you’ll relate to this. To those who aren’t quite there yet, take this as a warning. 

The second you announce your pregnancy, it’s like the judging competition begins. People will tell you their experiences and their ways of doing things and all you can do is be polite and nod as you tune them out. Everyone thinks their way is the right way, but theres honestly no “right” way to raise a child. If there was, they’d come with a manual. Every baby, every parent, every situation, is its own. Some people genuinely try to help you, but others will just annoy you and you’ll do anything to shut them up. The questions start pouring in, and it eventually turns into a broken record when you start hearing the same questions over and over again. You become robotic while answering these questions. So what exactly do people ask?

Usually in judgmental tones. Are you going to do a natural birth? Are you going to have a water birth? Are you giving birth at a hospital? Are you getting epidural? Are you going to breast feed? Are you going to pump? Are you going to self induce? Are you getting a C-section? Are you going to send him to daycare? Are you going to vaccinate him? The list goes on and on. My biggest question is, why do people care what i’m doing?! Who gives a shit if i’m going to a hospital, getting epidural, and am going to attempt to breast feed? First of all, do people not realize how personal all of these questions are? Unless you personally know me, REALLY know me, leave me the crap alone!!

Second of all, the breast feeding question always bothers me. The looks that I get after I respond saying “i’m going to try” are mind boggling. Breast feeding is it’s own monster. Do people not realize that not everyone can breastfeed? Whether the baby truly isn’t up for it, or mom physically can not produce the milk, sometimes it’s out of your control. I will give him formula if thats the only way I can get him to eat and be healthy. Because isn’t that what matters? The baby’s health?

Ending my rant before this turns into a 5 page entry – The judgments will keep flowing, strangers will keep asking questions, and all you can do is kindly brush them away so you don’t end up punching anyone.


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